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Experience the vast and dynamic world featuring a procedurally generated universe theme. Hello Games has up the tempo providing an innovate and insightful scientific game.

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Planetary Systems
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No Man's Sky

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Video Game

Caption A Procedural Generated Open Universe
Developer Hello Games
Release TBA
Platforms PS4, PC
Genre Science Fiction
Modes Single-Player

No Man's Sky is a science fiction video game developed on around a procedurally generated open universe concept. In the initial phase players are introduced to an uncharted territory where they may explore the vast openness of the universe.

Players can gather information about planetary characteristics and lifeforms via an intelligence reading device. Planetary exploration is not limited to just information gathering rather deep oceans, space battles and predators are just a few of the additional mysteries and excitement packaged into this scientific awesomeness.

Each world has its own unique ecosystem enshrouded in eccentric habitats and environments. You can be sure to encounter desert worlds which in the long run may be the least of your problems, when you think of it carnivorous worms are a lot more terrifying.


Single player procedural generated open universe.

About Hello Games

Hello Games was founded in 2008 by Sean Murrary, Ryan Doyle, David Ream and Grant Duncan who have all had experience working at several other gaming companies. Their goal is develop games that are both visually appealing and exciting.


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