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As you play No Man's Sky, you will amass resources, weapons and blueprints to build new technologies. All of these are stored in your inventory.

The player's inventory is similar to Bungie's recent game, Destiny. Featuring a grid layout with a moving cursor, the inventory is sleek and simple to use.

Each player starts off with an unknown amount of storage space, but through suit upgrades the player can have a maximum of 25 inventory slots, each being able to hold one special item or up to one thousand of a stackable resource.

Ship Inventory

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Each player also has a ship which has a varying inventory hold called the Cargo Hold. Each ship has a set cargo hold and cannot be upgraded except by purchasing a new ship.

Each ship can have up to a maximum of 25 inventory slots, meaning a player with a maxed out suit and a maxed out ship can have 50 slots.

Different styles of ship have different Cargo Holds. Trader class ships have the largest cargo holds, followed by Explorer class ships, then finally Fighter class ships.


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In the Inventory screen is also the Weapons screen. Here you can equip a weapon and modify it with built or bought add-ons.

Each weapon will presumably have a different number of weapon slots, each being able to hold a modification.

Several modifications, such as Plasma Grenades and a Pistol like weapon mode, have been confirmed.


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The final page of the inventory screen is the Encyclopedia. Here every creature, plant and planet can be brought up and researched.

A 3D model of each entry moves in an animated walking, swimming or flying movement and can be rotated 360'.

Each entry also comes with several stats, such as planet of origin, height and weight and its name.


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